WATCH: Oklahoma’s SEC journey and preparation starts now

WATCH: Oklahoma’s SEC journey and preparation starts now

In the Trenches: Why the OU football program — from the top down — should attack bowl season with an extra level of urgency.

Sam Mayes

By Sam Mayes

| Nov 30, 2023, 4:00pm CST

Sam Mayes

By Sam Mayes

Nov 30, 2023, 4:00pm CST

Is this the most important offseason in Oklahoma football history?

Today on “In the Trenches” I explain why it is imperative to the Sooners’ SEC success that the work starts now. Oklahoma can’t wait to start becoming SEC-ready.  It needs to start with bowl season. 

Other topics include:

*For the first time in 40-50 years Oklahoma will not have far and away the most talented roster or maybe even a top 3 roster in its conference;

*Sooner coaches and administration are feeling the pressure of moving to a new conference, but will the players? Will they attack this offseason with the urgency needed to contend in Year One?

Producer: Jacquelyn Musgrove, Michael Martin

Creative Director: Michael Lane

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Sam Mayes grew up in Ohio, was an All-American lineman at Oklahoma State and has lived in Oklahoma for 20 years. With insights from his playing days, Sam started his broadcasting journey at Triple Play Sports Radio in 2007. He later joined the Sports Animal, and then 107.7 The Franchise. While passionate about football, Sam's involvement with Fields & Futures since 2015 showcases his dedication to using sports for community building in Oklahoma. Off-air, Sam cherishes time with his fiancée, their five kids, and his schnauzer, Scout.

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