The adapt-or-perish dilemma for college football coaches

The adapt-or-perish dilemma for college football coaches

In the Trenches: Sellout Crowd’s Eli Lederman on how coaches, programs and players are keeping up with the sport’s rapid pace of change.

Sam Mayes

By Sam Mayes

| Dec 22, 2023, 9:00am CST

Sam Mayes

By Sam Mayes

Dec 22, 2023, 9:00am CST

College football is getting to the point where it is almost unrecognizable to those of us from another era of the sport.

For this episode, I’m joined by Sellout Crowd’s Eli Lederman to discuss how coaches are adapting. Will they be able to stay current or try to stay on more of a traditional path of handling things with players and recruits?

Among the topics we cover:

*How the sport’s regional identity and spectacle contribute to fan loyalty. (2:59)

*Why the development process is crucial for players and how frequent transfers can limit potential.

*The recent trend of diminishing play from NFL offensive lines (12:47)

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Sam Mayes grew up in Ohio, was an All-American lineman at Oklahoma State and has lived in Oklahoma for 20 years. With insights from his playing days, Sam started his broadcasting journey at Triple Play Sports Radio in 2007. He later joined the Sports Animal, and then 107.7 The Franchise. While passionate about football, Sam's involvement with Fields & Futures since 2015 showcases his dedication to using sports for community building in Oklahoma. Off-air, Sam cherishes time with his fiancée, their five kids, and his schnauzer, Scout.

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