From Cowboy to Sooner: A mother’s journey with Trace Ford’s mom, Desirae

November 3, 2023

My guest is Desirae Ford, the mother of former Oklahoma State Cowboy and current Oklahoma Sooner, Trace Ford. Desirae shares her remarkable journey of raising a Division I athlete during the early years and provides insights into the challenges and joys of supporting her son’s dreams.

Desirae also opens up about the tough decision to leave Oklahoma State and head south to the University of Oklahoma, a move that brought about both excitement and controversy. She reflects on the negative backlash they faced on social media and the resilience it took to stay focused on their goals.

Desirae also provides an intimate look into what it will feel like returning to Stillwater for the final Bedlam match, this time as visitors. 

Producers: Jacquelyn Musgrove and Michael Martin 

Creative Director: Michael Lane 

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